And so it begins…

24 Days Till Departure:

I am not quite sure where to begin…and then again, I am not entirely sure where I am going, but starting here seems about right. I often find myself returning to this poem in search of direction. It is a favorite of mine and I have found it particularly relevant as the time to departure draws near.

Child of Mine, come
as you grow in youth
you will learn
the secret places
the cave behind the waterfall
the arms of the oak
that hold you high
the stars so near
on a desert ledge
…the important places.

And, as with age, you choose
your own way
among the many faces
of a busy world
may you always remember
the path that leads back.
…back to the important places.
Dad to Forest, 1986

…and thus begins the journey — the journey to many places, many important places yet to be discovered. Thanks for checking in and welcome to this page. I hope you find peace as you discern the paths back to your own places you call important and pave the way towards new ones. I hope to do the same. Check back in for more soon.

—  Mark